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How to manage and apply shared Gmail labels

How to apply a shared Gmail label to an email

Manually add the label to emails
  1. Drag and drop conversations to the shared Gmail label visible in the left-navigation.
  2. Label as: / Move to: Labels can be manually added to a conversation by using the Gmail native Label as or Move to buttons. 

Automatically label emails with Gmail Filters

You can set up a filter on Gmail to apply labels to emails that fulfill desired conditions. 

Gmail Filters can be created in Gmail Settings. To do so, select Gmail Settings "Gear Icon" and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. You can also create Gmail Filters from the Search bar by using the downward arrow.

  • Head to the Filters tab and click on 'Create a new filter';
  • Define the conditions you want to be met; 
  • Choose 'Create a Filter' 
  • Select the checkbox that reads 'Apply the label' 
  • Choose the Shared Label from the drop-down list beside it.
  • Hit 'Create Filter'.

You can also select to apply a filter to matching conversations as you are creating it.

Automatically label emails using Gmelius Automation

From shared email templates to sequences and rules, Gmelius allows you to automate the application of a shared label.

  • Shared email templates: Each time you use a template you can automatically apply a shared label to the conversation. Option under Advanced Settings.

  • Sequences: Add a new step, and from the ' Select an action' dropdown list, choose 'Add a label'.
  • Rules: Gmail filters for your shared inboxes. Apply a shared label automatically to categorize or loop in another team, in conversations already routed to your shared inboxes / labels.

If you are not sure whether you need to create a shared label or a shared inbox, have a look at this article

Create a board view of your shared label

A board view allows you to create processes, steps, and tasks for your shared label.

To create a board view click on a shared label and at the top of the email list click on "Create board view". You will then be able to create either a blank board, a GTD board, or a board from a template you saved (see here the types of board).

View the team activity history of a shared email

To view the history of activity of an email in a shared label take a look at this article.

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