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How to: Connect Gmelius to Trello

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This is a beta version of our Trello integration.

We're launching our 2-way integration with Trello! This is the first two-way Gmail to Trello integration that allows you to sync Gmail with Trello and vice-versa.

In this article we'll cover:

  1. How to set up the integration
  2. What the integration can do

The Trello integration is available on all Gmelius plans.

Setting up the Integration

Export a Gmelius Board in Trello

1) Select a Board to Export

First stop, your Gmelius-powered inbox.

Access your Gmelius boards, and choose the board you wish to Export to Trello.

Note that, like with other integrations, you need to be the board owner in order to enable the Trello integration.

Click on More > Board Settings.

Under the option, Trello sync & choose Export to Trello.

2) Authorize the integration

Click on Export to Trello, and do the following in the modal that opens ups:

  • Sign in to the intended Trello user account, if not connected already;
  • Allow the Gmelius App to connect with your Trello account;
  • Authorize Trello to connect with Gmelius.

Here's what you should see:

3) Export your Board from Gmail into Trello

Choose the intended workspace, to import into your Gmelius Board.

And voilà, you can now manage your Gmelius board in Trello!

Generate a Public (via Trello) view of your Gmelius board.

Thanks to our 2-way integration you can now collaborate with your customers without the need to leave Gmail. Sync your Gmelius board with

Click on the Share blue button located on the upper right corner as seen below.

Under Link Sharing, you will read “Synchronize this board to Trello." Enable the option.

enabling Trello integration

This is an alternative, equally quick way to sync your Gmelius board with Trello.

Import a Trello Board in Gmelius

1) Create a new board

In Gmail, open your Gmelius sidebar, go to Create > Board > New Board

From the New board window, choose > Import your Trello boards in Gmail.

2) Authorize the integration

Follow the steps in the modal that opens ups:

  • Sign in to the intended Trello user account
  • Allow the Gmelius App to connect with your Trello account
  • Authorize Trello to connect with Gmelius

Here's what you should see:

3) Import your Trello Board in Gmail

Choose a Trello Board to import into Gmail.

You're all done, you can now access your board in Gmail and sync actions in real-time between Trello and Gmail.

What can this integration do?

  • Export a Gmelius board to Trello. It will allow you to share it with stakeholders - not part of your Gmelius subscription, e.g., clients, partners.
  • Import a Trello board into Gmail to process your projects in Gmail and action all your emails as task cards- Converting emails into task cards can happen automatically or selectively via shared labels or your Gmelius buttons.
  • Rename and manage your board columns in Trello and in Gmail.
  • Delete boards from Gmail or Trello.

Task Actions

The current beta version allows you:

  • Create task cards from Trello or Gmail.
  • Automate the creation of email task cards in Trello.
  • Move task cards in Trello and Gmail.
  • Apply & update due dates.

What is synced inside a task card:

  • The task's description.
  • If an email task card, the description of the card will include part of the email body (n.b., character restrictions apply) and it will include the shared email permalink as an attachment.
Head to our community: for ideas and best practices on how to streamline work between Gmail and Trello thanks to Gmelius!

Disable the integration

You no longer need to sync a board with a client or a team, a collaborator changed or got carried away and shared the incorrect board? No worries, you can as easily, disable the integration.

Go to More > Board Settings > Settings > Trello Sync > click on Remove Trello Integration.

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