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How to create a shared inbox for a Google Group

Share a Google Group

Gmelius makes it possible to create a shared inbox from a Google Group in a few easy steps.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the actual creation of the shared inbox, 👉 please ensure your Google Group has a correct routing configuration.

  1. To convert a Google Group into a Gmelius shared inbox, go to
  2. Select the creation of a shared inbox
  3. Type the email address of your Google Group
  4. Once you pass the delivery check, give a name to your shared inbox.
  5. In the drop-down list select the users who should be part of your shared inbox. If you cannot find a user, make sure you add that user first to your Gmelius subscription by clicking on "MANAGE USERS".
  6. Click on CREATE

Voilà! Your shared inbox is now ready 🎉

If you want to have emails you receive on your other email aliases to be part of the same shared inbox, follow the steps of this article.

To start using it, please reload your Gmail inbox and you'll see a new entry in the left navigation menu of your inbox. To understand the basics and quickly learn everything you can do with a shared inbox, we recommend reading this quick guide.

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