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Gmelius offers an innovative and clever way to manage email for groups; support@, sales@ or any other group alias right from your Gmail inbox. 

Before setting up a shared inbox, you should already have an email address you wish to configure as a shared inbox. This email address should be one of the two following types:

  1. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Gmail account, i.e. an email address used to login into Gmail
  2. Google Group or an Alias (an email alias is an email address that forwards emails to your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Gmail account)

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Set up a Shared Inbox

⚠️ Before setting up a shared inbox make sure you added your team 👉 here.

Please head to the shared inbox panel in your Gmelius dashboard.

If your shared inbox email address is a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Gmail account (i.e., you can actually log into Gmail using this email address), first you need to add it as a user to your subscription and then log into the dashboard of this user to set up the shared inbox.

E.g., Emily ( is a Gmelius account administrator. She wants to create a shared inbox for Sales is a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) account with its very own inbox. First, she needs to add as a user to her subscription via Then, she will log in as to to set up the shared inbox.
  1. Click on the blue button NEW SHARED INBOX at the top/right of the page;

Direct link 👉

  1. Select or enter the email address you wish to share.
Ensure the email address is part of your Gmail account either as an alias, or a Google Group.
  1. Click on NEXT ->
  2. Add the teammates you want to share the inbox with and click on SHARE WITH
    1. You can further edit the name of your shared inbox [optional]
We do not support special characters or punctuation symbols as underscores.
  1. Click on DONE

That's it! Your shared inbox will be configured and ready to use. See here how to manage it.

Editing your shared inbox

Automatically add Future team members to your shared inbox

Choose if you want to automatically add future team members to your shared inbox, when added to your Gmelius subscription.

Route conversations to your teammates' individual inboxes

You can opt to have conversations to also appear in the personal inboxes of your teammates. Conversations will continue to be routed to the unassigned folder of your shared mailbox's conversation panel.

For more information on how to manage your shared inbox with a ticketing system see here.

  1. Click on the ellipsis on the right corner and select Edit
  1. Select Yes on the respective question displayed.

Your shared inbox will, by default, work with a ticketing system. All new conversations of the shared-inbox will be routed directly to the unassigned folder, skipping the personal inboxes of your teammates. If you tick "Yes", shared conversations will be added to the regular inbox of your teammates as well. We don't recommend enabling this setting for shared inboxes with a high volume of emails, e.g., more than 50 emails / day.

To start managing your shared inbox emails and collaborate with your team, check this article.

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How to convert a Google Group into a shared inbox