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How to rename a shared inbox

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Below you will find 2 ways to rename a shared inbox.

The first one requires each member of a shared inbox to change the name by themself. Although, we recommend doing it as it won't lead to any information loss such as email assignees and statuses.

If you apply the second method, it will allow you to change the name of a shared inbox at once for all members of a shared inbox, but all the previous emails that were part of the shared inbox will be unassigned with the Open status.
1) Change the name of a shared inbox in Gmail settings (for yourself only)
  1. In Gmail settings, head to the Labels section
  2. On the right side of your shared inbox label click on "Edit"
  3. Rename the shared inbox as per your preference

Once the name is changed, in your Gmelius dashboard, if you click on the shared inbox you will see next to your email address the new name you appointed to the shared inbox. For the other users, the name of the shared inbox will remain as is. This way users are free to rename the shared inbox to match their preferences.

2) Change the name of a shared inbox by recreating it (rename at once for all its members)

Let's imagine you have a shared inbox for the [email protected] email address called the same way - "[email protected]", and you wish to rename it to "General Mailbox".

  1. First, you need to delete the existing shared inbox(In our example it's "[email protected]"). Head to your dashboard and under Actions, click on DELETE
Please note, if you have email conversations in the shared inbox that you are about to delete, you will be able to have them in the new (renamed) shared inbox, but the information about assignees and statuses won't be transferred to the new shared inbox. All emails that were part of the deleted shared inbox will be part of the Unassigned folder of the new shared inbox.
  1. Create a new shared inbox for your email address (in our example, it's [email protected]), edit the name the way you want (in our example, it's "General Mailbox"), and add users.
  1. When you delete a shared inbox it becomes a regular Gmail label (no longer shared). So if you have email conversations that were already shared in the deleted shared inbox (in our example, it's "[email protected]"), you need to apply the label of the new shared inbox (in our example it's "General Mailbox") to email conversations that are part of that Gmail label (in our example, it's "[email protected]").
    You will find all those email conversations will be in the Unassigned folder of the new shared inbox.

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