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How to rename or delete your shared inbox

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A) Change the name for your account only.
  1. Head to the Labels menu of your Gmail settings.
  2. On the right side of your shared inbox label click on "Edit."
  3. Rename the shared inbox as per your preference.

In your Gmelius dashboard, if you click on the shared inbox you will see next to your email address the new name you appointed to the shared inbox. For the other users, the name of the shared inbox will remain as is. This way users are free to rename the shared inbox to match their preferences.

B) Change the name of the shared inbox for all its members.
  1. If the shared inbox already exists, first you need to delete it. Head to your dashboard and under Actions, click on DELETE
  2. Create the shared inbox and after selecting the email address, you can edit the name of the shared inbox and continue the setup.
When deleted the shared inbox becomes a regular Gmail label so if you have some email conversations that were already shared and assigned in the previously shared inbox, you can apply the label of the new shared inbox to these email conversations.

Delete a shared inbox

Head to your dashboard (Collaboration > Shared Inbox) and for the selected shared inbox under Actions, click on DELETE

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