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Manage users of a workspace

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Each shared inbox has a set of users associated with it. You can assign emails, share notes or comments and collaborate with all the participants of a shared mailbox.Β 

If you have not added any users to your subscription yet, click on "MANAGE USERS". These users will get an email from Gmelius containing the instructions on how to join your Gmelius account.

See the list of users on a shared inbox

To see the list of users in a workspace, head to your workspace menu and click on Manage under "Shared with".

Add/ Remove users from a shared inbox

Add users

1. Under "Shared with" click on "Manage"

2. In the dropdown list, add the users already part of the subscription to the shared inbox

3. Click "Done"

Remove users

1. Under "Shared with" click on "Manage"

2. In the dropdown list, deselect the users you want to remove

3. Click "Done"

Allow the admin or the manager to add or remove users to the workspace

If you are the owner (creator) of a workspace, you can allow the admin of the subscription or a manager to add or remove users to that workspace.

  1. Head to your workspace menu
  2. Click on Manage under "Shared with".
  3. Enable the option "Allow my admin and manager to manage the workspace".
The manager role is available in the Growth and Pro plan only.

To know more about the management of users in your Gmelius subscription, see this article.

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