How to consolidate multiple email addresses into one shared inbox

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Depending on how you manage the various email addresses you have, you might not necessarily want to have a shared inbox for each one of them. Instead, you could have these email addresses appear in only one shared inbox.

First, make sure the email address you want to include is forwarded to your shared inbox’s email address or forwarded to your primary email address. It can be a normal G Suite/Gmail forwarding or this email address can be an alias of your shared inbox’s email address or an alias of your primary email address.

Here is an example:

I have a Google Group "" for which I have a shared inbox called “Info Box”. I also have an alias of this Google Group "".

To have the emails sent to appear in the shared inbox Info Box, this is what I need to do:

  1. Create a Gmail filter by typing in the “To” field:
If you have more than one alias, just separate each address in the "To" field by "OR", e.g OR
  1. Click on Create filter
  1. Click on "Skip the Inbox"
  2. Next to “Apply label” select the label of the shared inbox. In my case, it is “Info Box”
  3. Click on “Create filter

That’s it, now I receive the emails sent to in my shared inbox Info Box.

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