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How to convert a Google Group into a shared inbox

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Gmelius offers an easy way to transform any Google Group into a shared inbox with a 2-step process.

Step 1: Create a Shared Inbox from your Gmelius Dashboard

Log into your Gmelius dashboard and create a new shared inbox.

Direct link 👉

Suppose Jane ( wishes to share a Google Group email address She should enter the Google Group email address by clicking on the drop-down menu and filling the line space as seen below.

  1. Enter the email address of the Google Group
  1. Click on NEXT ->
  2.  Add the team members you want to share the inbox with, and click on SHARE WITH
    1. You can further edit the name of your shared inbox [optional]
We do not support special characters or punctuation symbols as underscores.
  1. Click on DONE

That's it! Your shared inbox will be configured and will be ready to use 🎉

Step 2: Head to your Google Group

Once the Gmelius shared inbox is set, it's time to update the configuration of your existing Google Group. To do so, head to

Note that it's important to keep your Google Group active!

To ensure the sharing works smoothly, you need to disable email notifications for all the members of the Google group except for the email address of the owner of the created Gmelius shared inbox.

In the left pane, under "People" click on Members. Then, under the column Subscription, set all the members to "No email" and keep the email address of the creator of the Gmelius shared inbox to "Each email".

In our example, Jane will disable the email notifications for all the members of the Google Group but not for her own email address

I created a Gmelius shared inbox for my Google Group but I don't receive any emails!

Did you follow the instructions of Step 2? If yes, here is what you should double-check...

In the left pane, under "People" click on Members, you should only see that your email account (in our example, has the Subscription set to Each email and the Posting is Allowed. If not the case, change those values accordingly.

In your "Group settings", make sure the option "Who can post" is set to "Anyone on the web"

Your Google Group has aliases forwarded to it? If you want the emails of these aliases to be part of the shared inbox, make sure you create an additional filter following the steps here.

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