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Convert a Google Group into a shared inbox

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Gmelius offers an easy way to transform any Google Group into a shared inbox with a 2-step process.

Step 1: Create a Shared Inbox from your Gmelius Dashboard

Log into your Gmelius dashboard and create a new shared inbox.

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Suppose Jane ( wishes to share a Google Group email address She should enter the Google Group email address by clicking on the drop-down menu and filling the line space as seen below.

  1. Enter the email address of the Google Group
shared mailbox GG
  1. Click on NEXT ->
  2.  Add the team members you want to share the inbox with, and click on SHARE WITH
    1. You can further edit the name of your shared inbox [optional]
Share with SM GG
  1. Choose if you want to automatically add future team members to your shared inbox. You can change this option afterward. 
add automatically new team mates sm
  1. You can opt to have the conversations to also appear in the personal inboxes of your teammates.
By default, shared conversations are visible in specific folders of your team's Gmail inbox. Enabling this option will add shared conversations to the primary inboxes of your teammates, in addition to the default shared folders.

We do recommend to enable this setting for shared inboxes with a high volume of emails, e.g., more than 50 emails / day.
  1. Click on DONE

Step 2: Head to your Google Group

Once the Gmelius shared inbox is set, it's time to update the configuration of your existing Google Group. To do so, head to

Please note that it's important to keep your Google Group active! However, you need to remove all users from the Google group but the email address of the administrator of your newly created shared inbox. To do so, click on "Manage Members" for your Google Group.

In our example, Jane will remove all email addresses or members linked with the Google Group for but her own email address



I created a Gmelius shared inbox for my Google Group but I don't receive any emails!

Did you follow the instructions of Step 2? If yes, access the "Members" section of your Google Group and you should only see your primary email address (in our example, Click on your name in the list to display your user configuration.

Make sure that "Email delivery" is set to "All Emails" as shown below. Don't forget to save your changes. Voilà!

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