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Add and manage users

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Manage users

Users with the role of "Admin" or "Manager" of a Gmelius subscription can manage users under their Gmelius subscription by heading to

The Manager role is available for our Growth and Enterprise customers.

Add users

To invite team members, go to

Remove users

  1. Go to
  2. Select the user(s) you wish to remove in the default "Users" tab
  3. Click on the red Remove button at the top right corner of your users' list.

Replace users

  1. First, remove the user(s) from your subscription.

Any unused time will be automatically and instantaneously credited to your account.

  1. Add the new users

Any credit from the removed users will be allocated for the addition of the new user.

All users follow the billing cycle of their team's subscription and the cost of their addition is prorated to the billing cycle of the latter subscription.

Maximum number of users you can have on your Gmelius plan


Number of users


unlimited but restrictions in usage


up to 10 (billed per user)


up to 50 (billed per user)


unlimited (billed per user)

Put differently, a customer on the Plus plan can add up to 10 teammates on her plan and will be billed for these 10 seats. If she needs to increase the size of her team, she will be automatically upgraded to the Growth plan which can support up to 50 users.

All billing operations are pro-rated meaning what this customer paid for the Plus tier will be taken into account and deducted from her coming fees whenever she upgrades to the Growth tier.

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