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Roles and permissions

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Types of Roles

Company Roles (Default)

Plan: All plans

  • Super admin: A super admin is the owner of the Gmelius subscription. As such, a super admin can add or remove users, and map users to roles. A super admin can delete any workspace within their Gmelius subscription, as well as add and remove users within any workspace. Also, a super admin has access to account management and billing information.
  • User: This is the default role assigned to all users added to an account. Users are allowed to manage and respond to conversations, create and edit their workspaces, create automation rules for workspaces they are part of, as well as create other automation tools, like email templates, sequences, and campaigns.
The User role can be edited by Super admins and admins on the Growth and Pro plan. See here.

Plan: Growth & Above

  • Admin: An admin has access to team reports, user management, and billing information. An Admin can also add and remove users inside any workspace within their Gmelius subscription.
  • Subscription Reports: They can review team performance through access to all analytics.
  • All roles in Gmelius allow you to be the owner of shared inboxes/ labels. The owner can create and configure shared mailboxes and shared labels from their respective dashboard.
Team Roles (Custom)

Plan: Pro

  • Team Manager: They can manage their respective teams' users, assign roles, and access analytics.
    • add/remove users to their teams
    • create sub-teams within their teams
    • assign roles within their teams and sub-teams
  • Team Reports: They can review team performance through access to analytics.
  • User: Users are allowed to collaborate directly with their teams, and not with the whole list of users in their Gmelius subscription.

For example, you can organize your Gmelius subscription with Teams for each company department, and create separate shared inboxes, shared labels, templates, boards, and sequences for each team. 

Only Company Roles are available in the Growth plan. Team (custom) roles are available in the Pro plan.


Plan: Growth & Above

As a super admin of your subscription, you can change your teammate's status to an "Admin" and delegate responsibilities, from "Billing" to "User Management".

  1. Go to your Account and select the tab Company
  2. Under Action column click on Edit (pencil icon).
  3. Under Company Roles, select Admin and click SAVE

Adjust users' role

Super Admins and Admins on the Growth and Pro plan can customize the role and accessibility for users who have the role "User"

  1. Go to your Account and select the tab Company
  2. At the bottom of the page click on Edit user role
  1. You can then give a name to the role and select the access you want for the role "User"
Currently, the greyed out options are not editable, but will soon be editable.

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