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Team Reports are available across plans with restrictions applied as detailed on our pricing page.

No time for second-guessing! All you need to know about your team reports in a Q&A format below:

How do I access my Team Reports? 

The admin, team admin or manager of a Gmelius subscription can access teams reports 👉 https://gmelius.io/reports

What is a ‘Conversation’?

Gmail groups email replies together into conversations, i.e., when people reply to an email - with the newest email at the bottom. A conversation can be broken off into a new one altogether either if the subject line changes, or when the conversation goes beyond 100+ emails.

What is ‘Total Conversations’ for a time window?

‘Total Conversations’ is the count of ‘open’ aka active conversations that your team has worked on during a specific time window.  Under the umbrella of "open" conversations, Gmelius considers replies on a conversation or any change of the conversation status back to open. More on what each of the statuses means at Gmelius 👉 here. 

What is ‘New Conversations’?

New conversations is the count of new conversations that have been shared (e.g., received in the shared inbox) during a specific time period.

What is ‘Conversations per Day’?

Conversations per Day is the average count of shared conversations (e.g., conversations received in the shared inbox) per day over a specific time period.

What is ‘Closed Conversations’?

It is the number of conversations that were closed at least once during that time window.

What is ‘Time to Close’?

‘Time to close’ is the time taken to resolve a ticket. It is the amount of time that the team has actively worked for resolving a ticket. In other words, the total time spent by an issue in ‘Open’ or 'Pending' status, it is also the time taken to resolve. 

What does Assignee mean?

An assignee is the current owner of an email/ticket task in a shared mailbox or shared label. The ownership of a conversation can change any number of times but, at any given point of time, a conversation can be assigned to only one user. 

How do I know the average time spent by users on their tickets?

The “Avg Time to close” metric is an indicator of the amount of time for which a user worked on its assignments.

I want to track metrics for a particular mailbox, not all my shared inboxes. How can I do that?

We designed reports to help teams and managers get a granular view of their performance. By default once, directed on the reports page you get a consolidated report of the performance of all your teams across shared inboxes and labels. You can filter your reports as seen below.

  • Click on the drop-down list, and select the shared inbox or shared label you wish to generate a report for. 
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