Common Troubleshooting

Gmelius is not visible in Gmail

List of instructions to follow to get Gmelius running again in your inbox.

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How to clear my local storage

To clear your local storage, please follow the article steps.

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Activation window keeps popping up

If you keep seeing the activation screen or the authentication screen at every load of your inbox, ensure that your browser is not configured to clear your browsing data whenever it closes since Gmel…

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My signature is not updated on my templates

You've recently updated your Gmail signature, but your templates and sequences do not show the updated one. How to force the update.

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How to fix the Err_Connection_Reset error

In certain rare cases, you may see the following error (Err_Connection_Reset Error) and/or cannot access ESET ant-virus The ESET anti-virus is known to block TLS 1.2 secured pages…

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Troubleshooting a Shared Inbox

Find in this article instructions to help you troubleshoot an existing Gmelius shared inbox, depending on whether the latter shared mailbox has been created from an existing Google Group or an email alias.

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How to know if my issue is related to a conflict or not?

If you are using Gmelius alongside other Gmail extensions, you may (in some rare occasions) see an error message or a UI glitch. The best way to check for extension conflicts is to test Gmelius in an…

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