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Gmelius is used by thousands of teams everyday, and designing a platform that is fast has always been a top priority for our Engineering team.

If you experience slowness in your Gmail inbox, this is unfortunate but independent of our solution. This article discusses the main two reasons such slowness may occur and how to fix it.

Reason #1: Corrupted Google Chrome profile

This may happen from time to time and can be caused by your browsing habits, device OS, and software updates. In order to clean your current Chrome profile, you'll need to recreate it. The quickest and safest way to do it is by resetting your Chrome settings back to default:

Reset Chrome settings to default

Once the reset performed, head to our Download page to re-install the Gmelius extension for Gmail.

Reason #2: Conflicting extension(s)

Running several extensions in Gmail may lead to conflicts between codebases and side-effects. The best way to investigate possible conflicts is to:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Disable all extensions active in Gmail but Gmelius
  3. Reload Gmail
  4. Re-activate one by one previously disabled extensions and repeat step 3 after each single re-activation

If this method does not help you identify problematic extensions, then this issue comes from your Chrome profile and you should reset your profile as explained above.

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