How to migrate from Google Groups to Gmelius

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Gmelius turns your Google Groups into Shared inboxes so you can manage projects and clients right from your Gmail inbox:

Once you have completed your set up by following the above steps, here's what to expect: 

  1. Work back in Gmail and not in the Google Groups interface. A shared inbox runs in your inbox and you can manage every group conversation easily with a ticketing-style system.
  2. Assign emails in 1-click. You can assign emails to your teammates in 1 click. More on email assignments 👉here.  
  3. When replying, you can now send emails from the shared inbox address. Click here for the steps to activate the option. 
  4. To foster internal discussions, team members can use shared notes and @mentions
  5. Know when your teammate is viewing or replying to an email thanks to collision detection and collaborate on the drafting of a reply with shared drafts.


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How to migrate from delegated inboxes and single sign-ins to Gmelius