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How to add email notes and @mentions

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Make sure to enable push notifications in your account in order not to miss any note

Whenever you open an email, you will notice a widget on the right-hand side of your conversation, where you can add notes to the email thread. You can use notes to add context to any conversation. This information will not be shared with the recipient.

To SAVE A NOTE, either click on the red plus button or use the keyboard shortcut:  Crtl + Enter

Collaboration in real-time with shared notes

How to share a note
  1. To share a note or mention a team member, type “@” followed by the name of the person you wish to share it with. Confirm by selecting the name from the autocomplete list. This person will receive a sidebar notification and/or a push notification, depending on their notification settings.
  2. Write your note and click on the plus button to save.
If you add a note to an email from your regular inbox (i.e. a private email) and shared the note with a teammate, the email will instantly appear along with the note in the mailbox of the user you tagged along.

Shared notes for shared inboxes and labels

You can use shared notes on emails to communicate with other users of the shared mailbox or label.

Any note added on a shared conversation can be seen by any user with whom the conversation has been shared with.

Direct a shared note to a user

You can do a @mention, e.g., @John Maverick on a shared conversation to direct a shared note at any user. 

shared notes in Gmelius

The user to whom a shared note is directed at, will receive a notification.

notification on added note
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@group: To direct the shared note to a group, type in the an @group mention e.g., @Sales

Edit notes

To edit a note just hover on the top right corner of the note, click on the three dots, and Edit.

Editing a note will not send a new notification to already or new mentioned users nor will it share the email with them. If you would like to send a notification or share the email you can add a new note.

View note previews in the email list

In your inbox view, you’ll notice that email threads with notes attached include a blue note icon before the subject line. You can preview notes by hovering over the icon.

Search in notes

Notes are searchable using the regular Gmail search function.

  1. Tap on the 'Search mail' tab on the top of the Gmail.
  2. Enter the keyword or any sentence related to the note that you want to search.
  3. Click on the entry from the displayed list that best matches your criteria.
To know all the ways you can be notified with Gmelius, check out this article.

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