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How to migrate emails with Google?

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We suggest using the new Google Migration tool if you want to migrate emails across different mailboxes.


  • You need to have a Google Workspace account.
  • You need to have access to the Google Workspace Admin account.
  • Gmelius should not be installed and activated for the account used for the migration.

Important information:

  • No duplicate source users per CSV file (the target user can be added more than once).
  • It's not possible to launch migration in parallel. You must finish the first migration before starting a new one.
  • Do not have Gmelius installed.
  • 40'000 emails should take around 10 hours (it could be reduced depending on the size of your emails).

Step 1: Connect to the Google Workspace Admin account

To start the migration, head to this page with your Google Workspace Admin account:

The first step is to enter the email address of the Google Workspace Admin from your organization, and request authorization. Once authorized, you'll be connected to migrating email messages.

Step 2: Upload migration maps

The second step is to upload a CSV providing the user's source and target email addresses. You will find a sample CSV that you can download and use to ensure correct formatting on this page. Note that you can migrate up to 1000 users at a time.

Step 3: Configure migration settings

In this section, you can select additional settings for the migration:

3.1) Email start date: Select a start date for emails to migrate. Messages from the date that you select below to the day that you start migration will be migrated:

3.2) Email options: You can choose spam or deleted emails to be migrated as well. And even exclude emails part of a specific folder by adding a list of labels separated by a comma (e.g., Clients, Finance, Billing):

Step 4: Start the migration

Once you are ready to start your migration, simply click on the "Start migration" button:

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