How to create and edit campaigns

Gmelius campaigns let you quickly send personalized emails to entire contact lists, at the date and time of your choosing. The creation of a campaign follows a straightforward 3-step process.

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How many emails can I send each day with campaigns?

👉Direct link to Campaigns menu: Gmelius campaigns can send a maximum of 1250 emails per-day if you're a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customer or up to 250 email…

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Understanding the difference between a single-stage and a multi-stage campaign?

A single-stage campaign lets you send a one-shot personalized email. A multi-stage campaign makes possible to on board a list of contacts into an existing sequence.

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How to add an unsubscribe link

An unsubscribe opt-out is a fundamental option to have in all your communications. Gmelius lets you insert a discrete, yet visible unsubscribe link to all emails sent in bulk.

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Why my campaign is not sent to all contacts?

When you schedule a campaign to run at a specific date and time, Gmelius will send requests to Gmail's official API to send the campaign at the time you set. Note that a campaign might be sent within…

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How to stop a multi-stage campaign?

Pause a sequence Resume a sequence Avoid a sequence to be sent

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How to export my Google contacts to a CSV file

If you need to export your contacts from Google to a CSV file, open your Google Contacts (shortcut: g+c), select the contacts or groups you wish to download, click on the 3 vertical dots and select Export,

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Understanding the analytics of your campaign

Analytics of a single-stage campaign. Head to the campaigns menu in your dashboard , under Actions, click on Analyze. In the Analytics of your campaign, you will see who opened the first email of you…

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How to set up a campaign with SMTP

SMTP is not available for a multi-stage campaign. To create a Gmelius campaign please head to: In the third and last step of the campaign builder, you'll find t…

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