Understanding the analytics of your campaign

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Analytics of a single-stage campaign

Head to the campaigns menu in your dashboard, under Actions, click on Analyze.

In the Analytics of your campaign, you will see who opened the first email of your campaign, who did not and who unsubscribed.

Analytics of a multi-stage campaign

To see more information about your contacts enrolled in a multi-stage campaign head to your Analytics tab in your sequence.

What you will see:

  • Recipient: here are listed all your contacts enrolled in the sequence
  • Stage: the stage in which your contacts are currently according to your Flow Builder. Stage 1 is the first email.
  • Last action: the last follow-up that happened in the current stage
  • Condition: the condition for the next action/follow-up to happen
  • Next action: a preview of what the next action will be if the condition is met in the time you set. E.g. if not replied after 5 days, then the action will happen after 5 days. If you receive a reply before 5 days, the contact will remain enrolled until day 5.
  • Actions: here you can view the email thread in Gmail and you can also remove your contact from the sequence.

You can also export the information in a CSV file and search for a specific contact in that sequence.

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