How to set up a campaign with SMTP

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SMTP is not available for a multi-stage campaign.

To create a Gmelius campaign please head to:

In the third and last step of the campaign builder, you'll find the option to send your campaign through a specific SMTP server and bypass the default Google/Gmail servers. A large variety of SMTP servers can be found online.

To illustrate this article, we'll use the SMTP servers offered by Sendgrid (Twilio).

Step 1: SMTP API Key creation

To create your Sendgrid API key, please follow these instructions. In order to send a Gmelius campaign, it is important that your Sendgrid API key has access to "Mail Send" and "Mail Settings" as shown below:

Don't forget to copy and store your Sendgrid API key in a safe place. You'll only see it once and will need this key for the coming step.
Step 2: SMTP configuration in the campaign builder

In the last configuration screen, enable "SMTP" and fill out the required details.

For Sendgrid, this would look like:


Port Number





< your full Sendgrid API key >

Why use an SMTP server?

The number of emails you can send with a Gmail or Google Workspace account over a 24h period is limited.

Gmelius campaigns can send a maximum of 1250 emails per day if you're a Google Workspace customer or up to 250 emails per day if you're a Gmail user ( or email address). Quotas are reset daily.

Gmelius' standard campaigns are therefore subject to this limit. Using an SMTP server will increase this daily limit (depending on the service).

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