Understanding the difference between a shared inbox and a shared Gmail label

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Wondering whether you need to create a shared inbox or a shared label? This article briefly outlines a few pointers to help you determine what is the best set up for your use case.

A shared inbox should be the default choice when you wish to share every single conversation sent to a specific email address, e.g., a Google Workspace or Gmail account, an alias or a Google Group. For instance, group emails which are sent to support@, sales@, jobs@, hello@, info@, etc.

A shared Gmail label should be created when you don't want to automatically share all conversations sent to a specific email address and wish to keep a higher level of control over the triggers that will lead to the sharing, e.g., a Gmail filter or a manual addition of the label in your inbox. Good examples are when you wish to dispatch conversations by applying labels corresponding to clients, billing regions, departments.

To know how to create and manage your shared labels, check out this article.

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