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How to share a draft in Gmail?

Shared email drafts let you collaborate on the edition of a reply right from Gmail. A shared draft is always shared with the members of a shared conversation. You can then ping the specific users with whom you want to collaborate on the edition and review of the draft.

Share a draft

To share a draft simply click on the button "Share draft" at the bottom right of your reply message.

Ping a teammate to see and edit the draft

  1. Click on the "Ping someone" icon at the bottom of the email thread
  2. Click on "Ping" next to the teammate you want
  3. A note will be added automatically to notify your teammate

Edit a draft
Make sure to check your Team Pulse to see when you are pinged on a draft or enable email notifications when you're @mentioned.
  1. Click on Edit Draft to edit the draft;
  2. When you are done, click on Save draft.
Share a draft on a new email thread

In its current version, Gmelius shared drafts allow you to share the draft on a reply of a shared conversation but not on a new email thread. Since the 15th of March 2022 you can share a draft by composing a new email in Google Docs. See the steps here.

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