Choosing your notifications

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Gmelius will send you a notification for: 

  1. New shared conversations
  2. New assigned emails
  3. Notes you are mentioned in
  4. Notes in emails assigned to you
  5. Email tracking: open emails

Types of notifications and personalization

You can decide to receive push notifications and live feed notifications for the shared inboxes and shared labels of your choice. 

Head to your Gmelius account

  1. Enable Push notifications
  2. Enable notification on new shared emails
    1. Select for which shared inbox and shared labels you would like to receive live-feed and push-notifications.
  3. Chose if you want to be notified on email opens

Once set, you'll be notified on the what matters most for your workflow and productivity. See below, how your Gmelius sidebar live feed will look:

Learn more about how Gmelius notifications work, in this 👉 article.

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How Gmelius notifications work

Filter your live feed notifications