Filter your Team Pulse notifications

Mamdouh Abdel Meguid Updated by Mamdouh Abdel Meguid

You can filter the live feed to see only the notifications that matter to you:

1. In your Team Pulse, click on the filter icon.

2. Under "Filter", choose what you want to see:

  • Sharing activity: see emails shared with you, emails assigned to you, shared inbox and shared labels creations
  • Notes and @mentions: see the notes of emails assigned to you and notes where you are mentioned.
  • Tracked Emails: see emails you tracked and that were opened by your recipient
  • Automation: see who booked or canceled a meeting with you. You will also see contacts moving in a sequence.

Below that section, you will find more options to personalize your notifications by enabling desktop notifications, mobile app notifications, and integrate Gmelius with Slack.

You can also decide on which shared inbox, shared label, or board you want to be notified. Check this article.

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Choosing your notifications