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Manage your boards

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Manage Columns

Move, rename, delete, and add columns as your work progresses.

Create Columns

Click "Add Column", name your board and click on the arrow to save.

Move a column

Drag and drop a column to a position of your choice.

Sort columns by volume of cards

The option is located on your board options set - accessed via the more (three vertical dots) list located at the top right corner of your board.

Delete a column

Click on the more option (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of the column and choose the option "Delete Column".

Closed Column

The closed column cannot be deleted. This is where all your completed tasks are routed and gives you a completion and productive metric at a glance.

Adding automation in columns

When working on a blank or GTD board, you can increase efficiency by adding some automation into your columns. 

Add auto-assignments to your columns

You can choose to assign automatically cards moved to a column to anyone with whom the board is shared. For example, your warehouse manager gets assigned the conversations related to parcels shipped. 

Here's how:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on top of the column you want to edit and then on Edit Automation.

  1. Select the option "will be automatically assigned to"

  1. Choose a user from the drop-down and don't forget to click on save
Auto-apply a pending status to a column
  1. Click on the three vertical dots on top of the column you want to edit and then on Edit Automation.

  1. Select the option "will be automatically updated with the status Pending" and save

If you have enabled the option, in your board settings to "Split each column with pending status" ensure you move the cards and disable the option beforehand.

Board Options

Click on the top right corner to access the settings and options of your board.

The options include

  • Create a new board
  • Mark as favorite
  • Save this board as a template
  • Enable: Compact view
  • Sort columns by volume of cards
Board Settings

The creator of the board has an extra set of options to customize the appearance and performance of their board.

Settings Tab

  • Sync a calendar
Board settings
  • Advanced Settings: Choose to archive emails added to your board

Sharing Tab

  • Sharing: add and remove collaborators from your board

Notifications Tab: choose the notifications your wish to trigger for actions in your board

Pro Tips ⚡︎
  1. Sort columns based on the volume of cards (tasks)
  2. Use shortcuts to manage your tasks faster

  1. Use the internal board search to find the right card
  2. Hover over a task card to see tags and emails notes

  1. Sort your cards by due dates and priority levels in each column

Share your boards

⚡️ Plans: Plus & Above

While creating a new board you can add your team directly. However, you can also add them after the creation of the board.

Here's how:

Only the creator of a board can share it with other users.
  1. Next to your board name click on the blue Share icon
  1. Type in the name of a user you want to share that board with
  2. Click on + ADD USER
  3. Optional: syncing your Gmelius board with Trello will create a board on Trello that you will be able to share not only with people in and outside of your organization. See more info here
  4. Click on DONE
Your teammates will receive a notification to approve the board and you'll be ready to collaborate on it.

⚠️ Legacy Users: Migration to the new boards

If you are the owner of a board and it appears with a lock, it means that your board is still locked in the old version and it's time to switch!

Click on the board and it will unlock it and update your existing board to the new version!

All the cards and columns will remain unchanged.

The power engine behind our new boards is the Gmail (shared) label created on your left Gmail pane, which allows you to collaborate with your team and automatically route conversations to your Gmelius boards. Deleting the label will result in the deletion of your Gmelius Board


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