How to create a board

In this article, you will find all the steps to take to create a new Gmelius board and details on the available templates to choose from.

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How to add and use task cards

Tasks represent actionable steps or to-do’s ideas and reference items on your boards. In this article, you'll learn how to add and manage tasks.

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How to add an email to a board

Turn an email into a card. Use the Add to Board icon located on the top navigation bar inside an email conversation and select the board and the column you want your email to be placed. Turn emails i…

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Manage your boards

Everything you need to know to manage your boards.

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How to delete a board

The creator of the board can delete a board as follows: Head to More (Board options) located at the top right corner. Click on " Delete board". If you have an inbox board (e.g. My Inbox), head here a…

Mamdouh Abdel Meguid
Updated 2 months ago by Mamdouh Abdel Meguid