How to create an email alias

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Suppose Jane Smith from Acme Corp,, wishes to create a specific generic email address for all support requests,

As a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) customer, Jane can do so by following the below steps:

  1. Go to her Google Workspace Admin panel:
  2. Click on her user, that is Jane Smith
  3. Click on the "User Information" section -> Email aliases
  4. Under Email aliases, add the other email address. In our example:

Then, we need to ensure Jane can send emails from

  1. Login into Gmail:
  2. Click on "add another email address" under "Send mail as"
  3. Type the new email alias; in our case

Finally, reload Gmail to ensure Gmelius retrieves the new email address.

And voilà, now Jane is all set to create a shared inbox for!



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