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How to manage your shared inbox with the Board View

The board view of your shared inbox allows you to visualize and manage your shared inbox from a Gmelius board. As each assignee will have his own column, you will have complete visibility of the email distribution and be able to manage your emails directly from the board.ย 

  • To access the board view, just click on "Board view" label in your shared inbox conversation panel, located below your closed folder.
To enable the board view for the first time, you need to be the owner of the shared inbox.ย 

Assign conversations

You have various ways of assigning conversations to your teammates in the board.ย 

  • Click on "Assign to" icon on the card (see image below)
  • Drag and drop the card in the column of your teammate
  • Use the conversation widget inside the card

The card will be placed in the column of the user you assigned it to

Change the status of conversations

Mark as closed
  1. Right-click on the card
  2. Click on "Mark as closed"

The card will be placed in the column closed

Mark as pending

To mark a card as pending, click on a card and in the conversation widget under Status, select the status "Pending" in the dropdown list.ย 

The card will be placed in the row "Pending"ย  under the column of the user to whom the card is assigned.ย 

To remove the row "Pending", disable "Split each column with pending status" in the settings of the board (see ย here)

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