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Why my email is shared in another workspace?

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In some instances, some conversations may need to be merged because they are identical. If that's the case, you will end up with a conversation that has the sharing information, and a similar one which doesn't.

In such cases, you will find a "View shared conversation" button in your Gmelius sidebar, see below.

Clicking this button will redirect you to the conversation that includes all the shared details including assignee, status, tags and notes.

Why and when is this happening?

Conversations merge due to various actions or behaviors. Below are the most common reasons:

100-Message Limit in Gmail Threads

When a Gmail thread exceeds 100 messages, Google automatically starts a new thread linked to the original. This new thread will continue to receive any subsequent messages. If either the original or new thread lacks the shared sidebar, a button will be provided to redirect you to the appropriate shared conversation.

Conversations Across Multiple Workspaces

If an email is sent to different workspace addresses (e.g., support@ and sales@) and subsequent messages are sent to each workspace separately, merging might occur.

Conversations Across Multiple Mailboxes

If an email is sent to a shared inbox address, merging might happen during the sharing process, especially if one of the users involved in the setup already has access to the thread that needs to be shared.

How to get rid of emails no longer shared due to merging?

If you find conversations mistakenly placed under the wrong folder due to merging, you can discard them as follows:

1) Select these emails from the list view from any Gmelius folder, e.g., Unassigned, Assigned, Mine, Pending, Closed:

2) Click on the bulk closing button to close them and remove them from your active conversations.

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