How to create a rule

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Gmelius Rules allow you to automate your workflow. Save you time by automating repetitive processes and increasing your team's efficiency. 

To avoid an infinite loop of rules, a rule cannot trigger another rule.


Step 1

Head to your Gmelius dashboard, and click on "+ NEW RULE"

Who can create and manage Gmelius rules?

- The creator of shared label or a shared inbox
- The account administrator
- The user with the manager role under your Gmelius account

Step 2

Give your rule a name and select the shared inbox or label the rule will apply to. Rules are set per shared inbox or label. 

Step 3

In this example, we are setting up an auto-reply to be sent after we receive a support inquiry. 

This rule is stating that for each new conversation received to the support mailbox: [email protected] will be replied with a canned response - only once, using a Gmelius template. 

Step 4

Once your rule is complete click SAVE. 

More information about understanding rules, please visit our Understanding rules article




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