Subscribe and mute a conversation thread

When a conversation is shared with you via a shared workspace or manually, you can decide to subscribe to that thread to be notified and you can also decide to mute a thread you are subscribed to. Here what a subscription to an email does:

  • If you subscribe to a thread you will be notified of any notes, status changes (re-open, pending), or assignee updates, and also if a new email message arrives.
  • You will be automatically subscribed to a conversation if you are @mentioned in a note
  • You can unsubscribe from a conversation to stop receiving updates
  • Once subscribed you will be alerted in Pulse and you can be alerted on the desktop if push notifications are activated.
  1. To subscribe to a notification simply click on a shared thread and click on subscribe:
  1. You will then be notified in the Team Pulse and with a desktop notification:

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