How to delegate an email from your inbox?

How to share an email from your inbox? 

Use the Gmelius Share button on the top-right, adjacent to Gmelius' "Board" button. Select the user name on your email sharing drop-down list, and the conversation will automatically sync into the user's inbox. 

As simple as that - no bcc, cc or forwards.

You can also share a conversation directly from the inbox list view. 

Once a conversation has been shared by you, your teammates will receive an alert to let them know that you shared with them a conversation.

The conversation will appear in their inbox along with a grey person icon as seen below.

How to share and assign an email: 

Once the conversation has been shared following the steps above, you can further assign it to a user. 

1. Directly with the email delegation button:

Click again the tickbox of the user you want to whom you want to assign the conversation. The box will turn Blue. 

2. By Using the Ticketing Widget: 

Open your Gmelius sidebar, and use the Ticketing Widget and assign the conversation to a user from the drop-down list. You will see only users, with whom you have shared already the conversation with. 


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