How to delegate an email from your inbox

How to share an email from your inbox? 

Use the Gmelius Share button on the top-right, adjacent to Gmelius' "Board" button. Select the user name on your email sharing drop-down list, and the conversation will automatically sync into the user's inbox. 

As simple as that - no bcc, cc or forwards.

You can also share a conversation directly from the inbox list view. 

Once a conversation has been shared by you, your teammates will receive an alert to let them know that you shared with them a conversation.

The conversation will appear in their inbox along with a grey person icon as seen below.

Please note that when you share an email you cannot unshare it as the email is immediately synced in the other person's inbox. 


How to share and assign an email: 

Once the conversation has been shared following the steps above, you can further assign it to a user. 

1. Directly with the email delegation button:

Click tick-box of the user for a second time to assign the conversation to this user. The box will turn Blue. 

2. By Using the Ticketing Widget: 

Open your Gmelius sidebar, and use the Ticketing Widget and assign the conversation to a user from the drop-down list. You will see only users, with whom you have shared already the conversation with. 


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