Pin the "Mine (all)" in your inbox

If you already have a lot of emails coming to your personal inbox and you are not checking regularly the “Assigned to me” folder as you should in order to see your assignments, you can always put the “Assigned to me” folder in your inbox view following these steps:

  1. Go to your Gmail settings
  2. Click on the “Inbox” menu
  3. Select “Multiple Inboxes”
  4. In Section 1, paste this “label:Gmelius/Shared/Mine” and give a name to this section. For e.g. “Mine (all)”
  5. Scroll down and save the changes.
    You can also select whether you want this section below or above your personal inbox emails and how many emails you want to see in that section.

Once saved, this is how your Inbox view would look like

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