How to synchronize and share historical (past) email conversations?

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Once a Gmelius workspace is created, whether it's a shared inbox or a shared Gmail label, you may trigger the synchronization and sharing of historical past existing conversations into your corresponding new workspaces.

Given that such synchronizations are subject to own Gmail's limits, a synchronization can take from a few minutes up to a few days depending on the volume of historical conversations to share. Besides, such operations are subject to the limits of your Gmelius plans, as shown below:

Free Trial

Not supported. Contact [email protected] to assess your needs


The limit of your tier: 100 to 2,000 conversations per month


10,000 conversations per month

Pro & Enterprise

100,000 conversations per month

Plus and other legacy plans

10,000 conversations per month

For each single Gmelius workspace, you'll find a corresponding Gmail label. To add past email conversations to a workspace, bulk select the emails you're interested in sharing and apply the Gmail label corresponding with your Gmelius workspace.

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