How to add contacts to a sequence

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A. In Gmail

  1. Click on the "More tools" icon if any and the on the insert template/sequence when composing an email, either new or a reply to an existing email.
  2. Select your sequence
  1. Fill the variables for all the emails in your sequence and SAVE.
Do not forget to track your emails when sending your Sequence, to receive analytics,e.g., time-to-open and location opens.

Voilà! Note that you can manage your sequences from your Gmelius dashboard. Open the sequence of your choice, and access the "Analytics" tab in order to see all the recipients enrolled per stage of your sequence. 

B. In a multi-stage campaign

Once your sequence is created, you can use it to send it to a contact list, i.e. sending a multi-stage campaign. To do so, start by creating a new campaign and in stage step 2 "Compose email" select your sequence. 

You will find the steps to create a multi-stage campaign 👉 here

 See here how to remove contacts from a sequence.

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