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How to install Gmelius

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You can use Gmelius in your browser, on your mobile phone or your favourite desktop app.

Browser Extensions for Gmail

To get all our suite of features right inside your Gmail inbox, please download our official extension for your browser:

If needed, here are the direct links for supported browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Opera*
  4. Brave**

* Opera: Ensure to install the official Opera extension "Install Chrome Extensions".

** Brave: You'll need to allow all cookies. See the steps here.

Support for Firefox
We appreciate the enthusiasm for a Firefox extension, but can't dedicate our resources to it at this time. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave (the four browsers we actively support) have a lot in common when it comes to development, which is why we've targeted them first.

Mobile Apps

A beta version can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones.

If needed, here are the direct links:

  1. Google Play (Android)
  2. App Store (iOS)

Desktop Apps

Gmelius can be used on several desktop applications:

  1. Shift
  2. Mailplane
  3. Wavebox

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How to Install Gmelius across your Google Workspace domain