How To: Install Gmelius across a G Suite domain

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Step 1/3 - Gmelius Domain Install

Ask an administrator of your G Suite domain to do a Domain Install of Gmelius from the G Suite App Marketplace.

Direct link:

GSuite marketplace Gmelius

Step 2/3 - Create a Team

Now that Gmelius is installed across your domain, you can invite the users of your domain to join a team. In order to do so, head to

Step 3/3 - Install the Chrome extension for Gmail

For your users to get all functionalities available within Gmail, it is required to install the Gmelius extension for Gmail across your G Suite organization. Your users will then see the Gmelius extension in their Chrome browser, or on a Chrome device, when they're signed in to their G Suite account.

Before you begin

Before you can force-install apps or extensions for your users, you need to turn on their Chrome Web Store service in your Admin console. You can find this service in your Admin console by going to Apps > Additional Google Services.

For detailed steps, see Turn Additional Google Services on or off.

Install the Gmelius Chrome extension

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console dashboard, click Device management. (Where is it?)
  3. On the left, click Chrome management.
  4. Click App management.
  5. Search for and select Gmelius. If you don’t see Gmelius, use the filters on the left to find it.
  6. Select the following category of settings: "User settings: Force-install the item for users who sign in with an account in your domain."
  7. In the Orgs section on the left, click the organizational unit where you want to force-install the item. To install items for everyone your organization, select the top-level organizational unit. 
  8. Under Force Installation, turn the switch/setting on.
  9. Click Save.

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How To: Install Gmelius