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Gmelius allows you to organize your account into Teams (separate team workspaces) - without complicating your billing and subscription. Each Team can have its own Team Admin and a specific workspace.

Create a Team

  1. Go to your account and click on Company
  2. Click on the tab Teams
  3. Click on Create Team
  1. Name your team
  2. You can place this team under the supervision of another one (main team). The main team administrators will have full access to this team.
  3. Select the team administrator(s)
  4. Select the team members and validate by clicking on Create

You can create up to 10 teams under your subscription. A Gmelius user, including the admin of the subscription, can be part of maximum six teams.

Team Roles

  • Team Admin: They can manage their respective teams' users, assign roles and access analytics.
    • add / remove users to their teams
    • create sub-teams within their teams
    • assign roles within their teams and sub-teams
  • Team Reports: They can review team performance through access to analytics.
  • User: Users are are allowed to collaborate directly with their teams, and not with the whole list of users in their Gmelius subscription.

For example, you can organize your Gmelius subscription with Teams for each company department, and create separate shared inboxes, shared labels, templates, boards, and sequences for each team. 


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