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Add and manage users

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Adding new users

As an admin of a Gmelius subscription, you can invite team members by heading to

Users with a manager role (Plan: Growth & Above) can directly manage users in your subscription.

Manage users

To manage users under your subscription from your Manage Users tab.

Direct link:

Removing users

From your Manage Users tab in your dashboard:

Select the user(s) you wish to remove and validate the action by clicking on the red Remove button at the top right corner of your users' list.

Replacing users
  1. First, remove the user(s) from your subscription.

Any unused time will be automatically and instantaneously credited to your account.

  1. Add the new users

Any credit from the removed users will be allocated for the addition of the new user.

All users follow the billing cycle of the team subscription and the cost of their addition is prorated to the billing cycle of the team subscription.

Number of users permissible according to plan


Number of users


unlimited but restrictions in usage


up to 10


up to 50



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Roles and permissions