Refund Policy

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All Gmelius plans are billed in advance in accordance with our pricing schedule.

In our effort to treat everyone equally, note that there are no refunds for monthly payments, downgrades to a lower tier or removed users.

In the event of removal of users, the corresponding credit will be automatically applied by our billing system to your subscription.

Furthermore, we do not offer refunds for partial months of service on annual plans past 14 days after the initial purchase date - which is how we are able to offer a steep 25% discount in comparison to monthly plans. However, we're happy to transfer the remainder of the subscription to another email address. Write us at [email protected] to request a transfer of the remainder of your subscription to another user.

For more information on our Terms of Service, please visit our website:

What do I do if I was charged after cancellation?
If you cancelled a few hours before your billing due date and were charged for your subscription, it may be that our billing system hadn't completed your cancellation before you were charged. Simply write into us at [email protected], and we’ll take care of your refund.

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