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How to customize snooze and follow-up behavior?

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Snooze feature has been discontinued. Gmail users have access to snooze natively.

Gmelius offers a number of settings to customize the behavior of the Snooze functionality:

  • You can customize your favorite snooze times.
  • Trigger the snooze dropdown with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.
  • Force a snoozed conversation to keep its unread/read status.
  • Apply a specific label to conversations which have been snoozed or follow-up.
  • You can customize your favorite Follow-up times.
  1. Go to your Advanced Settings:


  1. Click on "Customize snooze times & snoozing behavior"

All those customizations are available from your Gmelius settings, under the "Smart Snooze" entry.

  1. Update your preferences and SAVE
  1. Go back to your inbox and refresh the page


  1. Click on "Customize follow-up behavior"
  1. Update your preferences and SAVE

  1. Go back to your inbox and refresh the page

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Understanding the difference between snooze and follow-up?

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