How to update the extension to Manifest Version 3 (MV3)?

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We've recently upgraded our Gmelius for Gmail Chrome extension to Manifest version 3 (MV3) to enhance performance, security, and align with Google's evolving browser technology. This change ensures a smoother, more secure experience and enables us to continue delivering the best email collaboration and automation tools for you.

Why You Might Need This Guide

During this transition, you might find that your Gmelius extension is temporarily disabled in your Chrome browser. This is expected and easy to fix.

How to Re-Enable Your Gmelius Extension

  1. Go to your Chrome extensions page: Type chrome://extensions into your Chrome address bar and press Enter.
  2. Locate Gmelius: Find the "Gmelius for Gmail" extension in the list.
  3. Toggle the Switch: The switch next to the extension will likely be in the "Off" position. Click it to turn it "On."
  4. Refresh Gmail: Refresh your Gmail tab, and the Gmelius extension should be active and ready to use.

Still Having Trouble?

If you've followed these steps and are still experiencing issues, please try the following:

  • Restart Chrome: Close and reopen your Chrome browser completely.
  • Check Chrome Version: Ensure you're using the latest version of Chrome. You can check for updates by going to chrome://settings/help.
  • Contact Support: If you continue to have difficulty, our support team is here to help at [email protected]

Why Manifest V3?

Manifest V3 offers a number of advantages over the previous version:

We appreciate your understanding as we make this important transition. The update to MV3 ensures that Gmelius continues to provide you with the most reliable and cutting-edge experience within your Gmail environment.

Thank you for using Gmelius!

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