How to change the workflow of a shared inbox and view shared conversations in the inbox

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Route conversations to your teammates' individual inboxes

Gmelius lets you have conversations part of a shared inbox to also appear in the personal inboxes of your teammates. Conversations will continue to be routed to the unassigned folder of your shared mailbox's ticketing panel but will be also visible in their regular inboxes.

In order to change the associated workflow of a shared inbox, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ellipsis on the right corner and select Edit
  1. Select Yes on the respective question displayed, i.e., "Do you want the conversations to also appear in the personal inboxes of our teammates?"

Your shared inbox will, by default, work with a ticketing system. All new conversations of the shared-inbox will be routed directly to unassigned folder, skipping the personal inbox of your teammates. If you tick "Yes", shared conversations will be added to the regular inbox of your teammates as well. We don't recommend enabling this setting for shared inboxes with a high volume of emails, e.g., more than 50 emails / day.

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