What are the different types of boards

When creating your new board you'll realize you have 4 different options to choose from, as shown below.

Each of these board types will be covered in this article.

1 ) The blank board

This board is exactly what it sounds like, completely blank. It's good for anyone that wants to build a board specifically to their liking or if it's your first time using the boards' feature, it's a good testing ground.

See Image below to see what the blank board will look like:

2) The ticketing board

This board comes ready to help you keep your email organized. When created it will have an "unassigned" column, a column for each user of the board, and a closed column. Just like the blank board this too can be customized to your preference. You can see an example of a ticketing board below:


3) The get things done board

This is another pre-made board. Rather than it being split into the separate board users, it splits the columns into stages of completion, i.e., inbox, "to-do", "in progress" and so on. Just like the previous board types all of the columns are of course customisable and can be automated. See image below for an example of this board:


4) Saved templates

If you already have a board that you've put a lot of time and effort into customizing and you'd like to duplicate it, this is the option for you.

You'll first need a template though, so head over to the board you want to duplicate and save the board as a template. Now you can create an all-new board with the same customization as the previous one.

See image below on how to save aboard as a template:

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