How to turn an email into a card

Add an email to a board

🅰️ By applying the label of the board

When you create a board, it creates automatically a label associated with it. Then you just have to apply to or move the email that label using the various ways Gmail lets you apply a label or the following way:

1. Select various emails in your inbox list or hover on one email

2. Right-click on an email

3. Click on Move to or Label as

4. Select the label of the board

5. The emails will then be placed in the first column of the board.

🅱️  With the "Add to board" button

1. Click on an email and then on the Add to board icon

2. Select the board you would like to add the email to

3. Click on the board view to see the card of the email you added


- Create a due date for a card

1. Click on the card you would like to set a due date for and click on "Set a due date"

2. Select the date

3. Select a Due Time if needed and click on Done

- Duplicate a card from a board to another

As each board is associate to a shared label or a shared inbox you can move an email to a board by applying its label

1. Click on the card you would like to move and click on LABEL AS 

2. Select the shared label or shared inbox linked to the board in which you would like to duplicate the card

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