How to transfer my subscription to another account?

You can transfer your paid Gmelius subscription by accessing your Gmelius account,  subscription tab, and clicking on the "Transfer" link. 

Please ensure to be signed into your Gmelius dashboard with the email account you originally subscribed to a Gmelius plan and that Gmelius has been activated in the mailbox you are transferring your subscription to. 

Up to three changes are allowed per year. 

  1. Go to "My account",  1'.  "Subscription"
  2. Type the email email of the new account.
  3. Click on "Transfer"

For your Gmelius data to be transferred as well, send us an email at

Note: If you subscribed to Gmelius before October 2015 using PayPal, please contact us mentioning your current account and the new one.

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