How to use tags


Creating and using tags

Tags help you and your team to organize and sort your emails. For example, if you use a Gmelius Shared Inbox to manage your customer support, you can use tags to contextualize your customer emails by the kind of questions they ask or the problems they report.


A. From the conversation's ticketing widget:

Under the "Tag, this conversation" field ⓵ you can type in and create a new tag.

B. From your user dashboard:

Click your avatar and into My account, then click Tags under the profile section.

1. Click on the New Tag button at the top right corner 

2. Give your tag a name

3. Highlight the tag with a color

4. Click "Create"

💡Highlight tags to make them stand out: You can highlight tags with colors to make them more visible in your conversations. This helps your team visually identify what’s urgent or understand the topic before reading a message. You can set a color when you first create the tag from your dashboard, as well as edit it afterward by clicking the tag and selecting Edit. 


Editing a tag

From your user dashboard: Click on the tag you want to edit and make your changes.


Tag a conversation 

You can tag a conversation by clicking on the "Tag, this conversation" field located on a conversation's ticketing widget. You can type the tag name you want to add in the search bar, create a new tag, or scroll through all tags. You can add as many tags as you want, though Gmelius will collapse the tags when there are many tags on a conversation. 

You can also automatically add tags using rules. To do this, add an action using Add tag.


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