How to change the status of a shared email

First, let's quickly review the 3 statuses you can use to organise your shared inbox: 

  1. Open is the initial status of an incoming email - even if it is assigned to a teammate. 
  2. Pending status lets you put on hold your emails, e.g. if you are waiting to hear back from your contact or just need time to gather information before replying. When you set an email to pending the email remains in the "Unassigned, Mine or Assigned", but will be also placed in the ticketing folder "Pending"
  3. Closed status means you are done with the email and you archive it. The email moves from its current folder to the ticketing folder "Closed" where you can see all the emails that your team dealt with. If you get a reply from your recipient, the email will leave the "Closed folder and will be "Open" again in the respective folder. 

There are three ways to change the status of an email conversation in your shared mailbox

1. Using the sidebar.

Open an email and in the Gmelius sidebar on the right side of your screen, you will be able to change the status of the email.

2. In the different status folders, here you can change multiple at a time.

In the "Unassigned, Mine and Assigned" folders you can change the status of emails in bulk by simply selecting emails and click on the "Pending" or "Closed" button.

3. As you reply.

You can close an email with just one click by hitting the button "Send & Close" when you reply to an email. 

Click on the 'Closed' folder to see the list of 'Closed' emails.


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