How to change the status of a shared email?

How to change the status of an email conversation in your shared mailbox

You can apply any of the following three status-options on a ticket/email conversation:

  • OPEN is the default, initial status of an email in your support mailbox.

When a new email comes in the 'Open' state will be automatically attributed. The 'Open' state indicates that the email needs your attention. 

  • PENDING You can set an email conversation to 'Pending' state if you are waiting to hear back from a customer, or you just need time to gather more information or resolve the matter.

You can locate all 'Pending' emails by clicking on the 'Pending' label in your left Gmail pane.

  • CLOSED When an email (or email conversation) has reached its logical resolution, then the user can change its state to 'Closed'.

The 'Closed' status indicates that the email is resolved. Click on the 'Closed' folder to see the list of 'Closed' emails.

When a new email arrives on a Closed email thread, Gmelius will automatically 'Open' the whole thread under the name of the user to whom it was last assigned. If not an assigned conversation, it will pop back into the unassigned folder. 

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