How to create nested shared labels?

Exactly as with your parent Gmail labels, Gmelius lets you transform Gmail sub-labels into nested shared labels.

1: Create a new sub-label under the already shared label in Gmail 

2: Head to your Gmelius Dashboard to transform it into a Shared one. 

  Click on the Gmelius icon for your Gmelius Sidebar to appear in Gmail and click on 'Create' and select from the drop-down to create a new shared label. A new tab in your browser will open directly to your Shared Labels configuration panel inside your dashboard. 

   Direct link:

   Let's turn your newly created sub-label into a shared one. 

  • From the drop-down list, choose the newly created label;
  • Proceed as usual with the creation of the shared label, choose with who to share it and complete the setup.

   You are all set! 

Please note that users, even if they have approved the sharing of the parent label, they will also need to approve the sharing of the sub-label. 

3:  Refresh your inbox and voilà your shared sub-label is ready to use!

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