How many emails can I send each day?

These quotas are hardcoded into our solution and aligned with Gmail's own limitations. It cannot be adjusted for any account at this time.

If you have reached the email limit in a day, your limit will be recycled at midnight UTC time, and Gmelius will so send your campaign over several days.

How long does a campaign take for 2500 emails/recipients with a G Suite account (e.g., 

  • Sending 1250 on the first day
  • Sending 1250 the second day

Total of 2500 emails sent on 2 days.

How long does a campaign take for 1200 emails/recipients with a Gmail account (e.g.,

  • Sending 250 on the first day
  • Sending 250  the second day
  • Sending 250 the third day
  • Sending 250 the fourth day
  • Sending 200 the fifth day

Total of 1200 emails sent on 5 days.

Haven't reached the quota limit in the day and receiving a quota warning or bounceback?

In an effort to fight spam, prevent abuse and unusual activity, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send a large number of undeliverable messages, especially if your Gmail account was recently created

If Gmail is giving a bounceback and won't deliver your email message we, unfortunately, cannot fix this and you'll need to contact Google Support.

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