How to manage your tasks?

To manage your to-dos, click on the Boards tab located in the left pane of your inbox. You can easily visualize your tasks and arrange them thanks to an intuitive drag and drop motion. For Boards with time board logic, you can easily spot tasks due today and in the future or check if any task is overdue. 

You can modify a task’s due date by dragging and dropping the task to any of the columns of your board.

You can view a task or add a description or comments to it by clicking on it. 

Edit a task

You can edit the subject of a to do by clicking on it.

Add subtasks to a task

You can list additional subtask within a task by clicking on it and adding items.

Mark a task as complete

You can mark a task as completed by moving your mouse over it and clicking on the done button. Completed tasks are automatically archived in your board and can be visible by switching on “Show completed tasks” at the top of the To Do app.

Delete permanently a task

Click on "Show completed tasks", move your mouse over the task you wish to delete and click on the trash

Add a priority tag

You can add and modify the priority of a task by moving your mouse over it and clicking on the flame button. Moreover, you can move a to do up and down within a column to make it more visible and so prioritize it.

Assign a due date

You can give a task a due date by moving your mouse over it and clicking on the clock button.

Share board (Plus and Growth users)

You can share a board by clicking on the blue share button at the top of your board.

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